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The Purposes of Services For Funeral and Cremation in Chesley, ON

Chesley, ON Funeral Home And CremationsFor more than 10 years, our goal is to treat you like family by offering you our undivided time, compassion, and knowledge to help you plan and carry out a funeral that is appropriate for your loved one and meets your traditions, tastes, and budget. Rhody Family Funeral Home has been serving the community of Chesley, ON and surrounding areas with quality cremation and funeral services. We can be counted on to work with you to design and deliver a ceremony that is both meaningful and a memorable tribute. Our knowledgeable staff will give you direct answers to any questions you may have, allowing you and your family to make educated decisions. We have an open-door policy for our families. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (519) 363-2525 anytime with no obligation.

Final arrangements of some kind or another have been around throughout history. This makes sense since death has always been part of the human experience. When you find yourself in the position of needing to make plans for services like traditional funerals or cremations in Chesley, ON, it may be helpful to know what purposes these services tend to fulfill. Final arrangements have services that serve two primary needs. The need to respectfully care for the deceased remains is one of these needs. The other is caring for those who are grieving.

Caring for the disposition of final remains is a time-sensitive situation. When the human body expires, and breath and blood no longer flow to keep the tissues alive, the process of decomposition sets in almost immediately. Of course, this won’t be obvious for many hours. However, to deter the effects of natural breakdown (at least temporarily), the body can be held in cold storage and/or embalmed. Embalming the remains removes the blood/body fluids and instills a sanitizing and preservative solution instead. However, this process is not necessarily required.

Cremation offers another option when it comes to body disposition. Rather than burying or entombing deceased remains in the intact form, the body can be changed to ashen remains through cremation services. The actual cremation only takes a few hours to incinerate the remains fully. Fragments are collected and made to be a granular consistency that we usually call ashes.

Funeral services, memorial services, and life celebrations are held to honor the dead and also serve the purpose of supporting the living. Some ways this happens are by providing closure and acceptance of the new reality. It serves as a way to remind us of the life that has been lived. Loved ones who share this loss gather together and offer a network of support. It can give rise to expressing our innermost feelings surrounding this loss. The meaning and significance of this life can be noted. Honoring services can also help us more deeply reflect on and value life.


Ways to Maximize the Benefits of a Funeral Home in Chesley, ON

Finding ways to personalize the events to lay your loved one to rest can help you to maximize the benefits for those seeking solace and comfort. The funeral service (or memorial service) can easily be layered with a life celebration. Planning around a relevant theme such as a favorite hobby or passion can be especially meaningful.

Some families choose to hold a full funeral service and then have a cremation instead of a cemetery burial. It is even possible to have the body embalmed and laid within a rented casket for a public viewing/goodbye. This allows for many options related to final disposition. In this way, you can fully realize all of the benefits of having both a funeral and cremation service in Chesley, ON, for the same person.


Supporting Families and Individuals Grieving Loss

Honoring ceremonies are an excellent start to helping grieving individuals find their way forward. As humans, we so often crave closure. It can be an enormous aide to begin the lifelong journey of grief with an acknowledgment that this has really happened. Once the funeral or services are passed, the real work of healing begins. Support is so valuable and often so profoundly needed. There is no need for anyone to walk this path in isolation. Your funeral director and advisors should be able to connect you to the many resources that are available for these needs.

There are digital, hardcopy, and local tools, resources, and support groups that can bring comfort and relief in this significantly challenging time. If your funeral director detects that you are in crisis while the final arrangements are being made, they will help you in any way possible to keep you from being a danger to yourself or others. Each journey through grief will look individual and may not necessarily follow a prescribed course. That is okay. Finding peace after loss is possible. Competent and compassionate help is available from many directions.


A Funeral Home You Can Trust

Finding a funeral home that you can trust with the final arrangements of your loved one’s in Chesley, ON, can go a long way in helping you feel supported through a loss. The professional team that makes up Rhody Family Funeral Home is remarkable.

Experienced and caring, Rhody Family Funeral Home has many solutions for the death care needs of the deceased and the bereaved family’s needs. Let our family help to care for you through this difficult time. Call (519) 363-2525 for immediate needs or to set an appointment for upcoming and future needs. Tours are offered by appointment at 65 4th St SW, Chesley, ON N0G 1L0, Canada.


Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Is it worth donating your body to science?

Instead of being buried, your body could be used for medical research and training through a practice known as whole-body donation. One of the reasons people donate their corpses to research is to save money on funeral costs. It also helps to eliminate the need for animal testing and reduces your carbon footprint.

What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is a funeral jargon which means a qualified individual who collaborates with a family to create and deliver a ceremony that is suited to the departed person’s beliefs, values, and wishes, as well as those of his or her immediate family. He or she can work with or without the assistance of a clergyperson.

Should I bring my kids to a funeral?

Children should, as a rule, be allowed to attend a wake, funeral, or burial if they so desire. A funeral or memorial service should never be pushed upon a child. However, it is critical to comprehend a child’s reasons for refusing to go so that their anxieties or concerns can be addressed. Learn more about children and funerals.

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