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For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health,
to love and cherish, till death us do part.

Randy Maxwell Jacobs and Sheila Frook were married August 18, 1984 at St. Peter’s Lutheran in Brant Township surrounded by a large wedding party of family and friends. The wedding was an eventful affair both full of love and even one ill-timed fire alarm. The young couple honeymooned in Niagara Falls as well as in the community of Curve Lake around Peterborough.

It was on a blind date Randy 21 and Sheila 16 had met, although if you asked Sheila, Randy was more like a 16-year-old. Even though the date was set up Randy still had to meet Harry, Sheila’s father, prior to them heading out. So, into the barn, having arrived late, Randy tentatively went to shake the hand of his future father-in-law. Despite the date being less than ideal, it was memorable when Randy’s much-loved car stopped, and the future couple got to work together for the first time and pushed the car to safety. Despite this rough first date they went on to become a happy couple that celebrated their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary just this past August. (Which they spent at IKEA shopping with Michael.)

The Frook family welcomed Randy with open arms as the two dated, not just as Sheila’s boyfriend, but as part of the family. He had become such a welcome guest and 8th family member. Sheila’s ten-year-old sister never really understood why whenever she would sit down between them to watch movies Randy never wore his glasses. She never really understood just why they would want to be all alone in the dark to watch a movie.

As the two dated Harry and Randy had an interesting relationship, Harry found Randy very useful to test out if he needed to clear the snow from the laneway. He would hold off on clearing it until Randy’s much-loved Monte Carlo was no longer able to make it up the long laneway. This would tell him it was time to clear the snow and show him just how hard Randy would work for the heart of his daughter.

Randy came into the relationship without a lot of possessions. Yet he was amazed that the Frooks had just recently purchased a colour TV. There was, however, still a little black and white TV in the kitchen and they would gather around it to watch movies. Wow, it was the coolest thing ever. Randy would come over with what appeared to be large vinyl records and a small black machine. It would all get hooked up to the black and white tv and like magic movies would play. These too were played on the black and white TV in the Kitchen.

Randy was an only child, born to Hazel (Wiggins) and Harold Jacobs on Friday, June 2, 1961 in Hanover. He attended several schools as his family moved around quite a bit. By the time he was finishing grade eleven, he knew that was the end of his formal education. Once he left school, he made his way learning from life rather than from books. As he grew and learned in his post-school life Randy learned one important thing. He learned that when it came down to luck, his was the best kind, it wasn’t always the best, so he was never going to win the lottery, but it was never the worst either. His luck was always in the middle, so his good luck still made his life better, but his bad luck never brought him down for very long. This was the biggest lesson his second-oldest son Craig learn from Randy.

Randy was of Ojibway descent and his sons are fortunate enough to carry this fine legacy within them. His maternal aunts who had plenty of time, spoiled Randy rotten. Randy learned well how to be generous of spirit and heart and he, in turn, did everything he could to provide for his family and spoil his grandchildren rotten. Just ask them to tell you the story of Randy going to buy jam at 9:30 in the evening just for his grandchild!

Hazel and Harold separated when Randy was young, and his maternal grandfather basically raised him. He was a great influence in Randy’s life. However, if Randy was asked who his greatest influence was, he would have answered Sheila, in a heartbeat!

When Randy was just eighteen, he started a job that would become his future career. He started to work for his father Harold (Mac) picking up and transporting scrap metal, or what would be known as recycling. Randy worked for his father until the day his father passed suddenly at the age of 63. This tragic event forced Randy to strike out on his own. Through the next couple of years, with the help of Sheila, he started Jacobs Metal Recycling. The business really took off when Jim Marks from Wingham offered Randy an opportunity to work with him in Wingham. This opportunity allowed him to open a Yard and become a well know pillar of the Wingham community.

The business consisted of collecting scrap metal for recycling. At first, Randy would pick up these metals from his customers but once his yard was up and running people would come from all over to bring the scrap to him. His years working made him an expert operating his boom truck and could pick up even a pen with the large claw of the boom. Randy, much like his father before him, seemed to have a feeling the scrap metal would be big in the future, and now recycling is part of the biggest parts of today’s world.

Once Sheila and Randy were married, they lived in an apartment in Hanover for eight months. Together they then moved to Clifford and in time moved back to Hanover.  Shawn was born in 1987, Craig in 1989, Michael in 1992 and Jesse in 1996.

Randy had a good sense of humour and the boys remember him teasing them lovingly as they grew up. He would often tease Michael after he returned from swimming if he “had caught that shark yet?” or by asking him “When are you coming to work with me?” Randy also took the time to learn about the interests of his sons. From playing sports with Shawn to watching wrestling with Michael to talking about cars with Jesse.

The interest he shared with Craig was rather different than the rest, Randy and Craig didn’t share an interest so much as they shared debates. They would often end up on the opposite side of an issue and passionately fight to prove their side was right. Funny though, even if Craig did not have an opinion on a particular subject matter, he would often pick the opposite side of Randy just to have a debate.

Jesse was the most like his father. Randy was exceedingly proud of the day when Jesse knew more about tools than he did. He shared a love of cars and snowmobiles with his Dad. Jesse and Randy had many fun outings to see the cars at the track or to see the new tools at the store

Shawn didn’t take after his father in many of his interests. However, growing up he did pick up some traits from Randy. He came to both have a good work ethic and respect others that do as well. It was this trait that drives Shawn to this day. Shawn also took another valuable trait from Randy. Shawn became a family man like his father, something he had wanted all his life after seeing the good example of a family put forth by Randy.

Randy loved music – from classic rock to country but he was not a fan of pop or rap. This love extends to the soundtrack for the movie, “Rock of Ages.” Even though he had music in his soul, he did not have it in his feet as Randy was not much of a dancer. Apart from music he really liked action movies. If it was full of fights and explosions, he was happy. Then there was the “Red Green Show.” Just recently he was able to see the show live and it was definitely a highlight! Oh yeah, then there was the movie, “Smokey and the Bandit!”, one of his all-time favourites and any time his family would see this movie they thought of him.

Randy always thought of himself as shy but anyone who has ever talked to him will know this is not the case. He loved to talk with anyone, and could do so for hours, and he especially liked talking with customers, Randy was truly outgoing. The more someone engaged him, the more Randy liked it and would always respond. Some saw this as him being truly easy-going, which he was. However, underneath it all Randy was always worrying. He worried about the business and he worried about his family. This, along with the long, hard hours he put in at work, created a lot of stress for Randy.

Making decisions was not one of Randy’s favourite things to do. He often looked to Sheila for help with this. This is particularly evident in a photo of the speeches at Shawn’s wedding.

To say that Randy was the disciplinarian in the family almost sounds funny to anyone who knew Randy. The only time Craig remembers being disciplined by his father was when they were acting up at the toy store and Randy took the boys to the car. Randy was kind to all living things. He was never the type to go hunting, other than the fact that he did manage to hit seven or so deer over his lifetime, with his vehicles. One time, he even managed to hit three at the same time. He was indeed, the intrepid “Deer Hunter.”

In fact, a funny story of Randy was him letting the squirrel out of the trap his mother-in-law Nancy had set. He was supposed to have been picking up a gas can and instead he was busy with saving a squirrel. The even funnier part of the story is that Nancy didn’t even know about this until just the other day.

Randy was mechanically minded but was not a technical wizard by any stretch of the mind. He might have been the only person alive with a flip phone still. If you texted Randy, you got a phone call back.

He spent a lot of time and energy coaching the boys through hockey. Even when he became increasingly frustrated with his position as ice manager he never gave up. In fact, he was one of the longest-serving members! Randy was not much of a reader but he did enjoy reading “Auto Trader” etc. It was a sad day when that publication went online.

Randy’s food of choice was French Fries. He always dreamed of travelling across the country hitting all the fries stands along the way. He also loved his KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) but his favourite meal has always been Sheila’s Lazy Man Supper – from her mother Nancy’s recipe.

Tragically, on Wednesday, November 6, 2019 just after playing with his grandchild in the backyard and before starting to rake up the leaves Randy was taken from us, he was in his 59th year. He died the week of the thirtieth anniversary of his mother’s death, on the day of his mother’s birth and anniversary of his father-in-law Harry’s funeral. In spite of his untimely death, Randy has left a legacy on this earth that will spread happiness and cheer for years to come.

Beloved husband of Sheila (Frook). Loving father of Shawn (Syra) of Hanover, Craig of Toronto, Michael of Hanover and Jesse (Emily) of Hanover. Randy will be sadly missed by his grandchildren Lia and Skylar. Forever remembered by Sheila’s siblings, Joanne (Paul) McLaren of Chesley, Scott (Elaine) Frook of R.R. #1, Elmwood, Rosanne Frook of Hanover and Mark (Becki) Frook of R.R. #1, Elmwood as well as his mother-in-law Nancy Frook of Hanover and his nieces and nephews. Randy was predeceased by his parents Harold and Hazel (Wiggins) Jacobs and father-in-law Harry Frook.

Visitation will be held at Rhody Family Funeral Home, Chesley on Wednesday from 6 - 9 p.m. A funeral service celebrating Randy’s life will be held at St. Matthew’s Evangelical Lutheran Church, Hanover on Thursday, November 14, 2019 at 2 p.m.

Memorial donations to Children’s Hospital – London Health Sciences Centre or Supported Choices would be appreciated as expressions of sympathy.

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Joanne Wilhelm
December 9, 2019
I am so sorry Sheila to hear about Randy, my deepest sympathy.
Kenneth &Sharon Strucke
November 14, 2019
Our thoughts are with you ...our deepest sympathy
Robert Boast
November 12, 2019
So sorry to here about Randys passing my condolences to you Sheila and family I had a lot of good memory's when i lived in mildmay with Randy my family sends there condolences to
Christina Sanburn
November 12, 2019
I am so sorry to hear about Randy. I was the Manager of KFC in Wingham, and enjoyed getting to know Randy.
Dennis & Sherry Kaufman
November 11, 2019
I am so very shocked and saddened to hear of Randy's passing today. This reminds me of his fathers passing and similar feelings, his father like Randy were good people and will be certainly missed. Randy took a lot of "lumps" after the passing of Mac and I always admired his resilience and determination to go forward regardless what was dealt him. RIP Randy I will miss seeing you and always enjoyed meeting up with you. Condolences to all his family and friends.
Tish Hubbard
November 11, 2019
Sheila and family: Very sorry to hear of Randy's passing. My sympathies to all.

Tish Hubbard
Crystal Duquette
November 10, 2019
Sorry for your loss Sheila❤️Randy was an amazing hard working man ❤️Randy is and always will be a special person and cousin to me ❤️He loved you unconditionally and will always be in your heart ,watching over you and his family from above as your special angel ⭕️❌⭕️❌ Love Crystal
Cheryl Lider
November 10, 2019
So sorry for you and your families loss. You and Randy had a love that is everlasting. He’s your families guardian angel. Sadly I don’t think I will be able to make it to the funeral. My thoughts and love are with you all. Sending love and hugs ♥️♥️????????
Quinn Ringler
November 10, 2019
Sorry for your loss
Tammy Price
November 10, 2019
My deepest sympathies Sheila to you and your family. Hang on to the memories as they are what will get you through this difficult time.
Tammy and Ross Price
Sherry and Roger and Tiff Caldwell
November 10, 2019
So sorry Sheila and family,
I am sorry I am going to be out of town for the services. Lots of hugs and love to you. Randy and you had a very special love and he will be in your heart forever.
Lots of love your friend always,
Sherry Caldwell

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Ruth Stephen and family

It was exceptional how Nathan opened our hearts and minds to give info; then transferred into so many ‘on target’ ways. Also very comforting and understanding to us all. Many comments, impressed, liked all that was done, respectful family-like atmosphere at all times. Especially kind to young members of family as well. Above and totally beyond expectation – Thanks.

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Our law office often has had many estates involving families who have obtained funeral services from Nathan. He is regarded by my staff and myself as outstanding for his professional, pleasant, and efficient manner. We would highly recommend Rhody Family Funeral Home to anyone.

Ross McLean, McLean Lawyers

Dear Nathan, I cannot say thank you enough for everything you and the rest of the Rhody Family Funeral Home team done for our family with Mom's passing. From the moment you got to Mom's house your professionalism was second to none. You listened and read between the lines yet missed nothing, every little touch was simply perfect, you left nothing undone, your care and compassion to ensure our family made Mom proud one more time, and for that I am forever grateful. You took a very difficult time for us and made it as simple and stress free for us as humanly possible. Nathan you should be very proud of yourself and the rest of your team. You have definitely set the bar very high for any other funeral home in the province to follow. Again thank you

Sincerely, Deb and Doug

Nathan: Thank you so very much for all that you have done for my Mom and my family. Your friendship during this difficult time was truly heartfelt. You made us feel welcome and like a part of your family. The whole time we spoke both at the nursing home and then at your place was a very peaceful experience. Not once were we made to feel like we did not belong there. Your attention to detail in everything that all of us said shows in the story of my Dad’s life and the video. Where there were concerns, you set them all at ease. I so appreciate all that you did for my Mom in helping her take care of cancellations and notifications for my Dad. It set her mind at ease knowing that you were taking care of all of this for her. It set me at ease knowing that she would not have to deal with the frustrations that sometimes come in taking care of these things. You and your family have gone above and beyond in all that you have done for us and I am truly thankful. The warmth and caring went home with us that day. We knew that the right choice had been made in allowing you to take care of my Dad. Again, thank you.


Your services are respectful, accomodating and very professional. An excellent job done. Thank you.

Darren Goodayle

Our aunt & uncle were buried from a different funeral home and we noticed a huge difference in the funeral home services provided. Our mom and dad looked so natural (thank you!) while our aunt and uncle did not. Thank you Nathan, we can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate you and your staff this year!

Ann Legge, Patricia Tibbo & Jane Lembke

All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players." Rhody Family Funeral Home takes this and runs with it in an intricate and tasteful manner. The beautiful funeral home sets the stage to reflect the deceased's individual personality. Nathan's artistic ability is only surpassed by his compassion, sincerity and understanding. He goes above and beyond the required duties. His staff is second to none. Darlene Rhody soft spoken and sympathetic and Morris Emke gentlemanly and obliging. Pastor Terri-Ann is like no other with her comforting words of wisdom and encouragement and so compassionate. Her service was nothing short of beautiful. A very heartfelt thank you to Nathan and his staff for making an unpleasant experience bearable. And hats off to Rhody Family funeral home for sending dad -Ross Hammond off in the fashion he deserved. From my mom and my siblings our sincerest gratitude.

Nancy Nickel

Personnel, facilities, advise & support all exceeded our expectations - it helped to communicate details by email. In particular, both Nathan and Terri-Ann did an excellent job! I was surpised at the after service documentation - all details well organized.

Larry Bell

Nathan and staff were kind and helpful throughout the process. They really went above and beyond to make the experience as positive as possible.

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Everything was great - many great comments made about the story alone on Pearl's life and we sent copies to people who could not attend - a very nice addition.

Family of Pearl Stephen

Our experience was amazing under the circumstances. Your services were perfect. You went above and beyond our expectations. You are very caring, compassionate and professional in your approach. You create a very therapeutic environment.

Elmer Ward

"Dear Nathan, your many caring and creative touches from the notice to the burial in the days following Catharine's (McKeeman) passing meant so much to all of us. You honoured her life in so many meaningful ways. Your compassion and celebration of her life will always be remembered by all those Catharine held dear."

Ian Campbell, Catharine's Brother

“Nathan, you did an absolutely amazing job. People give us compliments about everything from the life story to the beautiful, elaborate displays at the visitation. I tell everyone it was you. All the surprises - the cookies, the recipe cards, the signing picture - all amazing!”

Kim and Alan Grant

“Staff were professional and friendly.”

“Exceptional service.”

Lawrence and Heather Lamarche

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“I would recommend your funeral home to everyone. Nathan’s ability to put you at ease, with a caring attitude is super and very respectful!”

Carol Golem

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Deborah Hart

“Letters cancelling Gov’t services was a great help and was very much appreciated.”

William & Loraine Patterson

“You did everything really well. All needs were met and then some.… We received positive comments on the stationary. Great keep sakes. The book and slideshow were beautiful.”

Elaine King

“We had no concerns- worries, nothing, but confidence in the staff – we knew exactly how everything would happen and when - it was so nice not to have to concern ourselves with anything.”

Rebecca Becker

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Bernice Frook

"No improvement needed. We were pleased with everything."

Susan Taylor

“I would not have changed anything. Thanks very much – Nathan and staff.”

“New renovations are very inviting and warm. All your new cards and books are very heart warming and keepsakes.”

Valerie Long

"Staff were outstanding. Overall, it was great. Everything was perfect."

Susan Laver

“Staff is exceptional!... All needs were met.”

“Service was beyond expectations… Already recommended to various people.”

Steve Thomson

“Could not have been more useful – very satisfied! I would highly recommend Rhody Family. Thank you ever so much for your professionalism and expertise.”

Dave Hillier

“Honestly, you and your staff made this time in my life the best it could be and were extremely helpful, respectful, professional and accommodating to my needs and my family’s needs, especially providing me with a space to feed [my child] if needed. Thank you for everything”

Olivia Strucke

“Everything was perfect; it’s always nice to have lots of options.”

Kevin Dailey

“Thank you for all your empathy, compassion and professionalism. Our family… is very grateful that we chose Rhody Family Funeral Home to look after our loved one.”

Siobhan Bell

“Your services were excellent. Thank you again.”

Debbie Eidt

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