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We consider it a privilege and an honour to serve families in their greatest time of need, when a loved one dies. Our objective is to treat you like family, by giving you our attention, compassion and expertise to assist in arranging and carrying out a funeral that is fitting for your loved one and suits your traditions, tastes and budget.

At Rhody Family Funeral Home, we are proud to offer meaningful life celebrations. We provide dignified funeral and cremation services to families in Allenford, Chatsworth, Chesley, Desboro, Elmwood, Hanover, Paisley, Tara. Reach out to our caring staff today if you need assistance in planning a service for your loved one.

Life Stories

Jean Scott

Jean Scott of Kitchener, formerly of Chesley, passed away at Trinity Village Care Centre, Kitchener, on Tuesday, January 25, 2022, in her 93rd year. Loving mother of Gail (Ian) McFaul of Owen Sound, Susan (Ted) Chapman of Brantford, Elaine (Doug) Schaab of Chesley and...

Greg Richardson

Gregory James was born on Thursday, June 12, 1952, in Barrie, Ontario, to parents James and Joyce (Gibbons) Richardson. James, Greg's father, was a cook in the military, so unfortunately the Richardson's moved regularly, with stops out west before settling in Toronto....

Harry Price

"You can take the boy off the farm, but you can't take the farm out of the boy." Harry loved life on the farm, from his early days on the 9th line of Amaranth with his brothers to recent years watching wildlife in his backyard. He was truly a farmer and cowboy at...

Walter Atton

Walter Richard was born Wednesday, June 15, 1929 to William John and Wilhelmina "Minnie" (Jackson) Atton. He was a member of the Silent Generation, those who were born between 1927 and 1946, living through WWII and the Great Depression. Of course, those born during...

Clarence Sprung

Have you ever heard the phrases? "You can drive to Toronto and back on empty," or "That's a really good spider dog fire." If so, you were probably lucky enough to know Clarence Sprung. These unique sayings, and many more (like, “I wouldn't wear that to go gather the...

Ed Yule

Edward Murray Yule was born on December 29, 1934 in Brant Township, to parents Thomas Dean and Rita Mary (Hetsler) Yule. Ed was in the middle of the Yule children, being fourth after Tom, Hazel and Earl, followed by Edie, Mervyn, Myrtle, Harvey, and Terry. Their...

Beth Pearson

Elizabeth “Beth” Ellen was welcomed into this world by her parents, David “Jesse” and Grace (Dampier) McEnery on Wednesday, September 11, 1940, in Erin, Ontario. She was an only child and the third generation to live on the family farm, Lot 4, Concession 7, of Erin...

Bob Barfoot

How would you like your steak? “Knock its horns off, wipe its ass and slap it on a plate.” Well, that’s a unique way of saying I like my steak rare, isn’t it? But that was Bob’s line. In fact, Bob was put in his place on one occasion when the waitress brought out a...

Harry Cronkwright

Harry Kenneth was born on Monday, June 30, 1941, in Chesley to parents Harry and Eleanor (Morris) Cronkwright. The Cronkwright family resided in Chesley and Harry joined older brother Roy (1939) and they were later joined by younger siblings Donna (1946) and Wayne...

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